Diet Plans

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1-Dukan diet   This simple diet is high in protein and low in carbohydrates. During the forth phase of the diet there is absolutely no limit to the amount of food you can eat, but you


8 Reasons Why You Cannot Lose Weight

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1-      Drinking too much alcohol and fizzy drinks, Most alcoholic drinks are not high in fat, but the alcohol itself contains lots of calories that affect your weight. When you drink alcohol your body concentrates


Are you exercising wrong?

Are you exercising wrong

I recently read an article by ‘’, they say that half of all gym goers get even the most popular form of exercise wrong. As a personal trainer based in Oxford I see this all


13 Rules of Losing Weight

1. Portion size is important Before you start eating anything, remember the expression ‘your eyes are bigger than your stomach!’ Always think about the size of each portion and don’t overload your plate with food that


Postural Correction

I don’t know whether you’re a professional athlete looking for an advantage in your sport, suffering physical pain or discomfort from your job or maybe an injury, looking for pain relief from a bad