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  1. Josh Morley

    Josh Morley


    I spent some time getting into shape for my 10k. I decreased my time from over 1 hour to 42 minutes. Thank you so much


    I was randomly matched to work out with Reza when I first joined the gym in Oxford 2 years ago. It has fortunately worked out for me because I’ve had great results because of his continued motivation and fun workouts. I thought I would only temporarily engage in personal training, but I can’t seem to want to stop because of what a great benefit it has been to my mental and physical health, as an example; I had a knee operation last year and I was really down after that but he helped me a lot and with his helping, I could come back to floor training.
    In my point of view, in the personal training sessions, my personal trainer could identify activities that develop muscular strength and flexibility in participates in 2 hours of physical and sport training session per week.
    He knows the recommended physical activity levels and understands the importance of regular moderate physical activity
    for health.
    I would highly recommend a friendly trainer who is very much invested in meeting one’s personal goals.

  3. Chris Phillips

    I trained for 6 months with Reza after he was recommended to me. Not only did I lose the extra weight that I was carrying, but physically I improved enormously. I toned up and developed a well honed body. After six months I really felt the difference in my body, my energy levels and my health. Kasra always knew when to push me that bit harder or when to get me to stop. He was always friendly yet ensured I got my monies worth from every session. I was also able to train on my own as he gave me lots of excellent advice and techniques which I still use today. I can thoroughly recommend him, he’s certainly worth the money!

  4. Phil Downing

    Reza is an excellent personal trainer. I initially met him because he took over the running of the circuits class at the Virgin Active Gym. The class improved significantly under his stewardship. Doing some private personal training sessions with Reza was great and really improved the range of exercises I was doing in my routine. In short, it helped me avoid just doing the same old exercises and my body getting too used to the same workout. Every session was different and challenging – and painful though it (very often) was my core fitness increased significantly. I would highly recommend Reza to others – he’s a great motivator and isn’t happy unless he knows that you’re pushing yourself. He knows an incredible range of exercises, whether you’re interested in general fitness or improving your strength. On top of this he’s also a really good bloke.

  5. Vanessa V

    I have trained now with Reza for over a year. Not only is he a great personal trainer but he always put a smile on your face, even if it is through gritted teeth whilst he pushes you to achieve you maximum potential!
    Reza has taught be that cardio is not always the key to weight loss. We have used a variety of techniques to work on my physic and I can honestly say they have made a huge difference. I have lost weight whilst also tonight up my body at the same time! I can now see definition from the work carried out with him! Reza will ensure that at all times you are using the correct techniques which in turn reassures me that I will not get injured. Reza’s passion for physical exercise rubs of and that is why I continue to train with him on a weekly basis. He is honest, caring and a fantastic motivator to achieve your goals. I would recommend Reza for those people not all starting out but to those who have lost there way a little and are doing the same exercise day in day out. He will mix things up to keep things interesting and will make each session fun and challenging but you will be rewarded each time by the outcome. Make sure you stick around at the end for his stretches!

  6. Catherine Phillips

    Reza is a highly competent trainer, who helped me lose 2 and a half stones in 5 months with a carefully designed fitness and nutrition plan. He cares so much for his clients and is so determined that he does get results – provided of course you put the effort in and listen to his advice! But with him, anything is possible. After having two children, my body was obviously in need of re-shaping. I now weigh 10 stones and have a flat belly! My children are young (one of them still a toddler) and I work full time. But Reza is attentive to your needs and works around your constraints to make sure the plan he’s got for you is one that will work. He is attentive to your ups-and-downs in terms of energy and motivation, and will alternate between pushing you that bit further when you are on top form, or giving you friendly encouragement to just keep you going when life is a bit harder. This is the second time in 5 years that I have signed up with him, he is a solid support and quite honestly I don’t want to stop now – I’d have him as a coach for life!


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